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Year 6 News 2018-2019

Trip to West Kirby Library

Year 6 had a lovely, informative and relaxing afternoon on Tuesday. We chatted our way along the Wirral Way, surrounded by trees showing signs of autumn. On arrival at the West Kirby Library, we were met by the Strategic Librarian, who showed us replicas of items from World War 2; we were able to talk about and examine them. Those of us who had our library cards with us, were able to choose a book to take home and we all enjoyed looking around the library at the tremendous range of books available. Of course, we couldn't resist reading too.

Prefects for the Autumn Term

Responsibility Prefect
Library Grace, Isabella, Sophie & Evie
Break Time Drinks Trolley Sophie & Evie
PE Equipment Lucy & Libby
Recycling Oscar, Jason & Elias
Reception Class Ava & Leela
Year 1 Class Joseph & Sebastian
Year 2 Class Pascal & Patrick
Junior Registers Jessica
Games Box Equipment Lucy & Libby

House Captains for the Autumn Term

House Captains
St Andrew Jason & Isabella
St David Will & Grace
St George Alex & Jessica
St Patrick Leela & Pascal

Mindfulness Club

Year 5 and 6 have enjoyed their first weeks of Mindfulness Club. They have been learning some relaxation techniques and how mindfulness can help us all to get rid of stress and tension. They have been involved in activities such as colouring, reading, making posies using lavender and eucalyptus, playing with scented play dough whilst listening to relaxing music in the background.  Just what the doctor ordered after a busy week!

French - Daily Routine

In French we have been learning our daily routine.  The children have enjoyed playing games and working on Linguascope to reinforce the vocabulary.

History - World War 2

In History, pupils have started to learn about World War Two and have been sharing experiences such as their relatives medals and experiences. It is lovely to see the children so engaged in their learning and relating it to their own family History!