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Year 4 News 2021-2022

Sport Relief 'Lap of Hope'

Today, the children have  taken part in Sports Relief.

After discussing the reasons for Sports Relief, Year 4 wrote their own Power Pledge choosing their individual hope for the future such as World Peace, No Hunger, Kindness to Everyone and many other ideas which they then wrote on their poster. Wearing their poster, the children then went outside to complete as many laps of the outdoor area as they could.

Once completed, the children returned to the hall where they lay down in silence for a reflection period to consider aspects such as equality, their own weel being and mental health and how they are able to support others.

Year 4 were extremely mature and sensible in their approach to the activity of the day and are delighted that some of the money raised will support Nathan Young train for the Deaflympics in 2023.

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We Can, We Will, We Achieved!

As part of Challenge week, Year 4 certainly rose to the occasion as they faced the climbing wall, developed their archery skills, worked as a team to complete stimulating and demanding  problem-solving activities and endeavoured to do their best to participate in all of the sports day activities to the best of their ability.

Well done Year 4, you were all brilliant.

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Puzzle Day 2022

Year 4  have been thoroughly engaged in today's Puzzle Day.

In English class time the children created their own word search for their partner to solve, in maths the children took part in a variety of challenges such as times table Battleships, number riddles and a very stimulating Tarsia jigsaw puzzle.

Next was  a masterclass delivered by George from the Problem-Solving Company.

The children were encouraged to use their visual perception skills to build a copy of a model which the rest of the group were unable to see. Each team member took a turn to observe the hidden model before returning to their group and using mathematical descriptive words they had to describe the position of each piece to the rest of the team -  the children's challenge was to complete a construction exactly the same as the hidden model.

The children learnt the objective of the day - that maths is fun and how it is incorporated into their daily life as they develop their own problem-solving skills.

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Go Ape Adventure Day

What a fabulous fun day Year 4 had at 'Go Ape'.

The children challenged themselves to climb high ladders, scale extremely high ropes and then had to 'virtually fly' down a zip wire! As well as this they, led by the 'Go Ape' instructors, they formed small teams and completed various activities from the challenge cards.

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Jackson Pollock Artwork

In their art lessons, Year 4 have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock and his work.

The children began their topic by researching information using ICT equipment and with the information they collated, they designed an informative poster with facts about the artist.

Using Jackson Pollock's drip technique method, the children had opportunities to create their own various abstract artwork.

Year 4 are hoping their creation may be of a similar value th Jackson Pollock's most expensive painting that sold for 140 million dollars!

Super work Year 4.

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Final Beach School Session

There was lots of fun in the final week of Beach School for year 4.

The children explored the beach for shells and other beach finds. Using a fact sheet they examined their shells and were able to identify which type each shell was. Then, using their beach resources, they used the knowledge they had learnt about how and why castles were built to construct their own sandcastles with moats. There was lots of tactical thinking on how to collect water and fill the moat!

Great work Year 4.

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National Numeracy Day

This week year 4 were able to get involved with the Guinness World Record live attempt at an online 'Rocking and Rolling Times Table Rock Stars Event'.

The children fully engaged with the challenge, dancing and chanting their times tables and they managed to help the target of 'creating the greatest amount of online viewers on a live number stream' be achieved. 

As the day continued, the children participated if various fun numeracy activities.

Well done Year 4 for your contribution to the World Record event.

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Adverbs in English

In their English lessons, year 4 have been learning about adverbs and how to create them. We chose our favourite adjectives and added the suffixes 'ly' or 'ally' to turn them into adverbs. After that, we rolled a dice that matched what action we needed to do, then we selected an adverb that directed us how to do it - 'walked - clumsily', 'sang - happily'.

We had great fun acting out verbs in different ways!

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Beach School Session

Today at Beach School, Year 4 have been developing the skills they initially learnt in their year 3 beach lessons.

Team building skills were put to the test as they were challenged to critically think on how not to go overboard and avoid falling into quick sand in one of their activities. Following this, the children had to identify the wind direction to enable them to quickly construct a shelter to protect them from any impending weather - which was tested with water whilst they sheltered. Thankfully they had achieved their objective and they all remained dry! Finally they had an art lesson and using natural beach resources, the children created their own crab.

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Exploring British Values in PE

Year 4 have explored the Fundamental British Values of equality and diversity in this weeks PE lesson.

The children had the opportunity to learn 'Boccia' and 'Seated Volleyball' - two games that are played as part of Paralympic Sports. Following the lesson, the children were able to recognise that sport is open to people of all abilities and whilst the children found it demanding, they all had great fun and could appreciate the effort that it takes for Paralympians to develop their skills to a greater level.

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Local Habitats and Living Things

In their Science lesson, Year 4 have been exploring their local habitat and identifying living things.

As part of their working scientifically objectives, the children chose to present their findings in a number of representations. They drew a tally chart and a pictogram in their science books, then they used their computing skills to create a bar chart on the computer. Some children chose to challenge themselves even further and create a pie chart! The children have demonstrated super use of a range of STEM skills, well done year 4!

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British Science Week

As part of our week of celebrating STEAM, we were very excited to welcome Dr. Fogg into Avalon for a magic of chemistry extravaganza!

Dr. Fogg performed lots of different experiments for us and we were absolutely blown away. We enjoyed the amazing experience so much that we decided to write Dr. Fogg thank you letters to show our appreciation.

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Exploring Rainforests 

Throughout this term Year 4 have been exploring the Rainforest through cross- curriculum lessons.

The children have worked extremely hard to compose a wide range of work which they have proudly used to create an informative, colourful display for the whole school to enjoy.

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Symmetry Work

This week in Maths, Year 4 are further developing their understanding of co-ordinates as they incorporate symmetry into their work.

Using strategies including mirrors, the children have learnt how to plot shapes across a line of symmetry.

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World Book Day

The children enjoyed playing "Guess Who's Reading?" where they had to choose the staff member they believed to be reading their favourite animal story.

In Book Bingo, year 4 shared thoughts and opinions with each other about particular books and why they thought their peers should read them. From this they moved onto Shared Reading with Year 1 which was a great opportunity to further develop relationships between the school children.

The parade was great fun, giving each child the chance to show off their costume to the rest of the juniors and during assembly, the juniors discussed the animal theme choice and how it enables us to understand and recognise the importance of diversity and how we should all appreciate the differences between us that make each of us unique.

Year 4 finished the day at the book fair, having the chance to explore a variety of reading genres.

An interesting, fun day was enjoyed by all.

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Amazon Rainforest

As part of cross curriculum teaching, Year 4 have been researching information about the Amazon Rainforest in their ICT lesson which will support their learning during English lessons.

They were able to choose whether to create a poster or a power point presentation based on the information they had collated incorporating images and text to produce an interesting and factual document.

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Understanding Living Things

To support Year 4 develop their understanding of living things in Science, the children explored the local habitat with great enthusiasm to search and identify living things to use in a classification tree.

On their return to the science room, the children examined their findings to help them make their own observations to determine and classify the characteristics of each.

Great fun was had by all whilst they continued to learn more on the topic.

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Year 4 Class Assembly 

Year 4 were delighted to welcome parents and grandparents for their assembly on "The Diversity of Friendship".

During our PHSCEE lesson this term, the children discussed what attributes are required for friendship.  They then turned this into a recipe for a good friend and enjoyed writing the instructions together.

The children further learnt about how each friendship is different and how we all value differing qualities within our friends. They were able to link this to our whole school focus of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Celebrating the diversity of friendship is what the children decided together was most important, along with ensuring we have a great deal of communication with our friends.

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Mediterranean Cooking

Year 4’s topic in art/DT this half term is food and cooking. Linking with their geography topic on the Mediterranean, the children began by researching ingredients and dishes from four of the countries in the Mediterranean: Italy, Greece, Spain and France.

Firstly, the children tasted pizza that is a traditional Italian dish and wrote down the recipe, before designing their own pizza and toppings.

Next, Year 4 enjoyed cooking a traditional Greek dish of a Greek salad, using lettuce, olives, tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese that they were able to take home and enjoy.

This week, the children have enjoyed mixing and making a Spanish dessert of Spanish Magdalenas. They needed to use their strong muscles to whisk the eggs and sugar together before sprinkling then folding in the flour and pouring their mixture into cake cases to go into the oven. Before going home, the children were allowed a little taste of what they had made which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The final country Year 4 will be cooking a dish from is France. They look forward to finding out what this will be next week.

Well done for learning new cooking skills year 4!

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Living Things

In our Science lessons, Year 4 have been learning about the classification of living things.

The children have made observations of the various characteristics and used what they have learnt to help them classify them into groups.

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Researching Historical Figures

Year 4 were given free choice to research somebody who has made history. After producing their work at home, it was displayed around the class to enable the children to have the opportunity to read, learn and make positive comments on each other's work.

The posters are now exhibited within the school foyer for the whole school to appreciate.

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Rock Stars Times Tables

To develop the skills of being competent in all of the times tables, Year 4 have risen to the 'Rock Stars Times Tables Challenge'.

Learning a new times table each week, the children complete a daily, timed (3 minutes) table quiz and at the end of each week, each child is able to see their own progression.

The quiz will help improve every child's confidence within mathematical activities as their skills and fluency develop.

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Happy New Year year 4.

The children have revisited their year 4 Aspirations which they originally compiled when they moved into year 4

The children decided to focus on improving their reading, making new friends and learning times tables.

The children reviewed what they have learnt and following a group discussion, the children agreed that they have all improved their speed and fluency in academic areas and friendships are being developed through encouraging teamwork  as well as caring and thoughtful play.

Well done year 4 on such a positive start to 2022.

Christmas Lunch

Year 4 have enjoyed their long-awaited Christmas Dinner

The children all commented on how delicious the lunch was including the selection of tasty cakes and mince pies.

Many thanks to Mrs. Probert in the kitchen for working tirelessly to ensure that after many mechanical challenges,  the lunch eventually went ahead!

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Developing our Woodwork Skills

Year 4 have been developing their woodwork skills during Design and Technology.

Over the course of several weeks, working as part of a team, the children have been taught how to plan, make a prototype and complete their final project. They have learnt the skills of sawing, measuring and assembling wooden dowels to construct an Ancient Egyptian Shaluf.

Great work Year 4.

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Electrical Circuits in Science 

Year 4 are learning about Electricity in Science.

They have been understanding what makes a complete circuit using the components:- a bulb, wires and a battery. As the lesson developed, the children were given a further opportunity to make complete circuits which incorporated the use of a buzzer and a motor.

Interesting, investigative and fun learning was had by all.

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Children In Need

Year 4 have wholeheartedly participated in supporting the school's fundraising Children In Need event.

Adhering to the Strictly Come Dancing glitter or spotty theme (and kits that reflect the disco lights!), the children looked amazing as they arrived into school.

They learnt the reason for the event, about under privileged children, children in need and what we can do to help them.

Supported by GL playing his drums, the children enjoyed the disco, playing games including a limbo challenge - Well Done NS! - the corner game - Well done ME-  and a dance competition. Lots of fun whilst raising money for a well-deserved cause.

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Year 4 are being taught the various types of poem including free verse poetry, limerick and nonsense poetry and sonnet and the children are learning how to incorporate figurative language to create an interesting poem.

Following a brainstorming session, the class have explored the use of onomatopeia and personification to produce imagery and paint a picture for the reader. As the lesson developed, the children have used what they have learnt to write their own poem which were then displayed within the classroom.

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Practising our Football Skills

Year 4 have worked hard on their football skills this half term. Over the last few weeks they have practised dribbling, passing, shooting and goal keeping. Today, the children put their skills into a practice game.

Working cooperatively and with awareness, the games were fast and showed good team play.

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As part of our Physical Education lessons, Year 4 have been learning various techniques to develop their balancing skills in gymnastics.

Their module on balance culminated today when, directed by SS, each pair made a supported balance to create a superb class 'picture'.

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Studying Ancient Egypt

As part of their History lesson, Year 4 have been studying Ancient Egypt including The Pharoah's, The Pyramids and HIeroglyphics.

The children collated information on the various types of Pyramid, such as where they were made, what they were made of, how they were constructed and why. Each child then constructed their own Pyramid and detailed their individual research findings on them.

Year 4 are now eagerly awaiting to learn about mumification as part of their next History lesson!

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Melting and Freezing in Science

Year 4 have been using their scientific expertise to investigate 'Melting and Freezing'.

Using chocolate, the class conducted a fair test experiment, ensuring the same type of chocolate, the same volume of water and the same container were all used within the same room conditions.

The children then used their observations to record their findings in a table and added their own, individual, concluding statement.

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Investigating Place Value

Year 4 were challenged this week to use Base 10 manipulative to explain how they performed calculations using 4-digit numbers. The children rose to the challenge, and even managed to use place value counters in addition.

Being able to not only use but to explain using the manipulative resources demonstrates a deep understanding of maths concepts, so well done Year 4!

The children also enjoyed being able to work with a partner and explain their thinking to each other.

Miss Robertson was very proud of their hard work.

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Welcome back Year 4!

It has been fantastic to return to school and the children have approached all of their lessons with great enthusiasm.

Maths - Four Digit Placement

Year 4 have revisited place value and begun to extend their knowledge as they learn the place value of four-digit numbers, calculating the final number when removing a digit from the thousands, hundreds, tens or one's column.

English - Writing Rainbows

As part of their English lessons, the children have been developing their writing skills as they incorporate 'FANTASTIC' from the Writing Rainbow within their written work.

Super work Year 4, Mrs. Robertson has been extremely impressed with your efforts.