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Year 4 News

Science/History - Mummification of Tomatoes

Year 4 have been taking part in a cross curricular science and history project.   They learnt about mummification of bodies in Ancient Egypt, then used the same techniques to mummify tomatoes in science. 

So far the children have made an incision and removed the flesh and seeds from the inside of the tomatoes. They then cleaned the tomatoes to get rid of any micro organisms that may have been lurking. At this point the children weighed their tomato and took note of the pre mummification weight. They also took notes on the appearance and smell of the tomato. 

Once their notes were taken the children packed their 'bodies' with an equal mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda to represent the natron used by the ancient Egyptians. The tomatoes will now stay in their sarcophagus tubes for a fortnight of mummification. When we unwrap the tomato mummies do you think they will be the same weight? Do you think they will rot or be preserved? Do you think the colour or smell will change? Please let us know your predictions.   See more photos in our class gallery.