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Year 4 Class News

Rock Stars Times Tables

To develop the skills of being competent in all of the times tables, Year 4 have risen to the 'Rock Stars Times Tables Challenge'.

Learning a new times table each week, the children complete a daily, timed (3 minutes) table quiz and at the end of each week, each child is able to see their own progression.

The quiz will help improve every child's confidence within mathematical activities as their skills and fluency develop.

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Happy New Year year 4.

The children have revisited their year 4 Aspirations which they originally compiled when they moved into year 4

The children decided to focus on improving their reading, making new friends and learning times tables.

The children reviewed what they have learnt and following a group discussion, the children agreed that they have all improved their speed and fluency in academic areas and friendships are being developed through encouraging teamwork  as well as caring and thoughtful play.

Well done year 4 on such a positive start to 2022.

Christmas Lunch

Year 4 have enjoyed their long-awaited Christmas Dinner

The children all commented on how delicious the lunch was including the selection of tasty cakes and mince pies.

Many thanks to Mrs. Probert in the kitchen for working tirelessly to ensure that after many mechanical challenges,  the lunch eventually went ahead!

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Developing our Woodwork Skills

Year 4 have been developing their woodwork skills during Design and Technology.

Over the course of several weeks, working as part of a team, the children have been taught how to plan, make a prototype and complete their final project. They have learnt the skills of sawing, measuring and assembling wooden dowels to construct an Ancient Egyptian Shaluf.

Great work Year 4.

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Electrical Circuits in Science 

Year 4 are learning about Electricity in Science.

They have been understanding what makes a complete circuit using the components:- a bulb, wires and a battery. As the lesson developed, the children were given a further opportunity to make complete circuits which incorporated the use of a buzzer and a motor.

Interesting, investigative and fun learning was had by all.

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Children In Need

Year 4 have wholeheartedly participated in supporting the school's fundraising Children In Need event.

Adhering to the Strictly Come Dancing glitter or spotty theme (and kits that reflect the disco lights!), the children looked amazing as they arrived into school.

They learnt the reason for the event, about under privileged children, children in need and what we can do to help them.

Supported by GL playing his drums, the children enjoyed the disco, playing games including a limbo challenge - Well Done NS! - the corner game - Well done ME-  and a dance competition. Lots of fun whilst raising money for a well-deserved cause.

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Year 4 are being taught the various types of poem including free verse poetry, limerick and nonsense poetry and sonnet and the children are learning how to incorporate figurative language to create an interesting poem.

Following a brainstorming session, the class have explored the use of onomatopeia and personification to produce imagery and paint a picture for the reader. As the lesson developed, the children have used what they have learnt to write their own poem which were then displayed within the classroom.

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Practising our Football Skills

Year 4 have worked hard on their football skills this half term. Over the last few weeks they have practised dribbling, passing, shooting and goal keeping. Today, the children put their skills into a practice game.

Working cooperatively and with awareness, the games were fast and showed good team play.

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As part of our Physical Education lessons, Year 4 have been learning various techniques to develop their balancing skills in gymnastics.

Their module on balance culminated today when, directed by SS, each pair made a supported balance to create a superb class 'picture'.

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Studying Ancient Egypt

As part of their History lesson, Year 4 have been studying Ancient Egypt including The Pharoah's, The Pyramids and HIeroglyphics.

The children collated information on the various types of Pyramid, such as where they were made, what they were made of, how they were constructed and why. Each child then constructed their own Pyramid and detailed their individual research findings on them.

Year 4 are now eagerly awaiting to learn about mumification as part of their next History lesson!

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Melting and Freezing in Science

Year 4 have been using their scientific expertise to investigate 'Melting and Freezing'.

Using chocolate, the class conducted a fair test experiment, ensuring the same type of chocolate, the same volume of water and the same container were all used within the same room conditions.

The children then used their observations to record their findings in a table and added their own, individual, concluding statement.

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Investigating Place Value

Year 4 were challenged this week to use Base 10 manipulative to explain how they performed calculations using 4-digit numbers. The children rose to the challenge, and even managed to use place value counters in addition.

Being able to not only use but to explain using the manipulative resources demonstrates a deep understanding of maths concepts, so well done Year 4!

The children also enjoyed being able to work with a partner and explain their thinking to each other.

Miss Robertson was very proud of their hard work.

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Welcome back Year 4!

It has been fantastic to return to school and the children have approached all of their lessons with great enthusiasm.

Maths - Four Digit Placement

Year 4 have revisited place value and begun to extend their knowledge as they learn the place value of four-digit numbers, calculating the final number when removing a digit from the thousands, hundreds, tens or one's column.

English - Writing Rainbows

As part of their English lessons, the children have been developing their writing skills as they incorporate 'FANTASTIC' from the Writing Rainbow within their written work.

Super work Year 4, Mrs. Robertson has been extremely impressed with your efforts.