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Year 3 News 2017-2018

School Trip to Erddig Hall

Year 3 had a wonderful day at Erddig Hall in North Wales today.  On arrival they were put into Victorian servants clothes and shown around the grounds and buildings.  Afterwards they were split into two groups and were shown some of the tasks that the servants had to do.  They thoroughly enjoyed carrying out their chores: making real lemonade; washing clothes, wringing them out with a mangle and then hanging them out to dry; beating carpets; raking the gravel paths; picking up pine cones for kindle; making beds; polishing the brasses; grooming the horse (rocking horse only) and mucking out.  The picnic lunch was gratefully received by all and we sat in the shade in the grounds together.  Afterwards one of the ladies who had worked with the children said that they were the best group she had ever had.  Well done Year 3 you should be proud of yourselves!

Check out more of our photos from the day on the Latest News Page.

Learning about the Environment in PSCHEE

Maths Games in the Sunshine

Year 3 went up to the field today as part of their Maths lesson to do some quick addition and subtraction in the form of the traditional 'duck, duck, goose' game.  Great fun, an active starter to the lesson and great preparation for our more complicated inverse operation lesson back in the classroom.

Fundamental British Values in PSCHEE

English - The Hodgeheg

Pupils have enjoyed reading the story so far! In today's lesson, pupils have been trying to memorise punctuation dialogue, by creating actions and creating pictures to help them remember an extract from the story. 

Achievement Assembly March 29th 2018

We’ve had another fabulous week in Year 3.  It was an exciting end of term assembly with the Easter raffle draw and the house cup being awarded for this term.

Congratulations to EB, JS, LJ and TW this week for your achievements.

Achievement Assembly March 24th 2018

Year 3 had a bumper day on Friday 24th March in Achievement Assembly. Mrs Brew is always so proud when the children receive awards, whether it be a Mathletics certificate, achievement certificate, merit badge or a recognition of some sporty, dramatic, musical or other interest.

Well done!

PSCHEE Dentist Visit

Year 3 had a visit by a dentist today who explained the importance of brushing your teeth properly: twice a day for two minutes. She also talked about how bad for your teeth sugar is and that the children should restrict the number of snacks they have and review what kind of snacks they ate.

Year 2 and Year 3 World Book Day

Y2 and Y3 thoroughly enjoyed their shared reading experiences on World Book Day.  They had reading partners to listen to, read to and discuss their chosen books.  It was a great success. 

PSCHEE on World Book Day

Year 3 and Year 4 P.E.

The children enjoyed our version of curling in the hall. Close fought matches ending with the pink team triumphant. Well done to everyone for their positive team playing attitude.




The Year 3 + 4 boys have been working hard in Gymnastics, their learning culminating in a spectacular whole class linked balance devised by the boys themselves. They fully understood the need to listen to and support each other:  that as a unit they would succeed. 


Learning Objective: Use role play to familiarise themselves with the story and characters.

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed reading and acting out the start of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'. They are looking forward to finding out what happens next!


Lighting up the Christmas tree.

The Computer Club finished the term by lighting up their Christmas trees.  They used crocodile clips to connect GlowBugs to their CodeBugs. After coding, they downloaded their programs onto their CodeBugs and watched while the GlowBugs changed to their chosen colours.

Year 3 & 4 Hockey

The girls have been working together as a team to dribble the ball to each other in a relay race.  We have spoken about the importance of tolerance and patience.

English & History

Year 3 have been introduced to Roman myths in History and English, they have enjoyed acting out 'The Olympians' and 'Chains of love'. After reading, the class created a story map to help them to retell the story. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed getting involved and acting out parts using facial features and actions! 


Year 3 & 4 PE Rainy Day Lesson

The children watched a video clip from the World Athletics 2017 of Mo Farrah running in the 5000m race.  We discussed him as a role model and linked this to British Values.  We discussed where he originally came from and how he overcame difficulties to become the world class athlete he is today. 


Rock Challenges

To further their knowledge of rocks, Year 3 have been putting rocks through a series of tests.  To test durability they used sand paper and observed the amount of rock that wore away.  For permeability, the children dripped water from a pipette and checked to see if it passed through the rock.  When testing the density of the rocks, they used a large bowl of water and timed how long it took to sink. Some rocks floated! Year three noticed some patterns about the types of rocks and their properties. The sedimentary rocks weren't very durable and crumbled easily. 

If you have any more questions about the other types of rocks, please ask anyone in Year 3. 


In French the children have been learning about how to greet someone and ask how they are.


In Maths the children have been working on Place value to 3 digits and additions and subtractions to 2 digits.


In PSCHEE the children have been learning about how they are all different but all special by discussing their likes and dislikes and exploring how other people feel and how we can help them.  They have enjoyed discovering what makes us British and what are British Values and how these compare to other countries.  They were surprised at how similar a lot of the values were, but how our customs and traditions were very different to many other countries.


Year 3 have enjoyed learning about Pompeii and are in the process of writing newspapers. Today they have created role plays in order to help them write an entertainment section of a newspaper. We look forward to writing these out on tea-stained 'old effect' paper to try and demonstrate that the newspapers are written in the Roman period!


During Geography lessons, Year 3 have been learning about Mt. Vesuvius and surrounding Pompeii.  They have worked in pairs to create a miniature town and volcano, equipped with Roman features.   Each 'Pompeii' hosts its own thermopolium to provide hot foods, and a temple of Apollo to worship at.

Miniature Mt. Vesuvius is due to erupt next week!


During Science, Year 3 have taken part in a hands on excavation experience to uncover evidence about the eating and living habits of humans in the past. They carefully dissected organic remains to discover melon seeds, orange pips, olive stones, cream and small stones. The Roman diet consisted of rich and exotic foods including olives and melons. They also ate snails soaked in milk and bread made by grinding grains with large stones. They will be researching this further in History lessons.