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Year 2 News 2018-2019

Trip to The Boat Museum

The Infants visited the National Waterways Museum and had a wonderful time. Year 1 and 2 had a Canal Art workshop followed by a picnic lunch and playtime. In the afternoon they were thrilled to see a narrow boat navigate a lock and then step back in time "checking out" Porter's row with cottages from 1900, 1930 and 1950. Photo Gallery

Sports Day

Sports day was scorchio! The children competed I their house teams and all gave super efforts to their races. Well done Avalonians!

Picnic Lunch

Friday lunch was a treat for Year 2, They enjoyed a picnic lunch with their friends before a sunny lunch break on the longest day of the year! We also checked the maths and found out that there were 17 hours 1 minute of daylight on this day.


This week Year 2 were learning about sun safety in PSHCEE. We were learning about the best way to keep ourselves safe from harmful rays including sun cream, the best clothing and hats to wear on a sunny day and tips on keeping cool and hydrated in the sunnier weather.


Year 2 have been studying Canal  Art this half term , which has resulted in a very colourful display for our classroom. They have used artefacts from our display area to make detailed  observational drawings. Friday afternoon sessions have been a hive of activity.

Cyber Crime Investigator Visitor

Today, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a visit from Detective Investigator, Paul Perry. We learned a lot about how the police service can help people, how they keep us safe and respond to emergencies.

The children thought about how to make an emergency call and how to report a crime. All the children received a gift to take home.


Year 2 used different apparatus to make sets of 2 and 3 this week as we worked on times tables and sequences.

Titanic Topic

Year 2 have been thoroughly immersed in their cross-curricular work on the Titanic disaster. They have read facts and some eager beavers have completed independent research as voluntary homework! We have discussed what Morse code is and even made our own distress flares and life rings in Art lessons.

Red Nose Day!

Year 2 have had great fun dressing in red for Comic Relief.


Year 2 have been using water and measuring jugs this week in Maths.  


There was great excitement in Year 2 this week when a suitcase was delivered to our classroom! Year 2 followed the clues to work out the identity of the mystery traveller!

Lent Event

We visited Saint Bridget's church to learn more about the christian belief in Jesus as the Light of the World, and the celebration of Easter. The children listened to stories and had a chance to chat and ask questions. They were interested and took full advantage of the opportunity to deepen their understanding of faith. A really enjoyable experience for all concerned.

Internet Safety

As part of Internet Safety Awareness week, Year 2 have performed an internet safety song with actions in our sharing assembly.


In PSHCEE, as part of our Keeping Safe topic, Year 2 have been talking about 'What goes into our bodies.' We talked about the different ways in which substances can enter our bodies - through our nose, ears, eyes, mouth and skin. We looked at a range of different household products and were able to sort them into 3 categories: safe, dangerous and could be harmful. The children learned how a product can be identified as being dangerous by looking for warning signs on the packaging. The children then chose one of the products to draw and label.


Following a cross curricular focus in Maths incorporating Fundamental British Values, Year 2 had a secret ballot to elect our school council members for Spring term. There was great excitement and a second vote was required. We made a tally chart to record the results. Congratulations go to Cynan and Hollie were elected!

Christmas Lunch

Year 2 had  Christmas lunch in school today. The children were very excited and enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by our talented catering team!



During the last few weeks in P.E., Year 2 have worked very hard on developing their balance skills. They started by practicing balancing on different parts of their bodies and at different levels; they then developed their skills by making interesting body shapes in balances with a partner. Their work on Balance culminated this week as they worked collaboratively in groups to produce a group balance.

War Memorial Walk

Year 2 travelled to the West Kirby memorial on Tuesday. It was a fine day for an Autumn walk! They studied the names on the cenotaph and some children found names of family members. Next they observed and sketched the monument and poppy wreaths. they were a credit to the school observing a 2 minute silence. We laid a wreath on behalf of the school. We will remember them.

Art - William Morris

Year 2 have been studying the designs of William Morris in Art lessons this term. They have made William Morris inspire bookmarks and sketched portraits of the artist. We have also enjoyed some mindfulness music and a serene atmosphere after the rigours of formal assessments.

English/Geography - Posting a Letter Home

Although the weather forced us to postpone our William Morris inspired walk on Caldy Hill on Friday, we are a hardy bunch and managed to take a walk and post a letter to our home address.

Chester Zoo Safari Workshop

Year 2 had a wonderful time when the Safari Rangers from Chester Zoo visited school on Monday. We now know much more about the rain forest creatures and the sustainable palm oil challenge.

Food Topic - Claremont Farm Trip

Year 1 and 2 took a trip to Claremont Farm as part of our topic on food. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and we were very excited as we put on our wellies and boarded the coach. On our arrival we met Farmer Andrew and his dog Aggie. Farmer Andrew took us all on a 'Wellie Walk' around the farm showing us the fields and crops. We watched as the tractors and machinery arrived to harvest the potatoes. We tasted broccoli, cauliflower and  red cabbage straight from the field, walked through the maize and chose two pumpkins to take back to school. After meeting the pigs we returned to school for a picnic lunch on the field. We had a lovely time at the farm and learned a lot about farming, healthy eating and where our food comes from.