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Year 2 News 2017-2018

Police Called To Avalon School!

Staff and pupils were very excited on Friday 22.6.18 to see an Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) appear on the playground! As part of our "Keeping Safe" topic in PSCHEE, Year 2 were very lucky to have a visit from Sergeant Reynolds and Constable Overy to tell us about the role of the Armed Response Unit within the Police Force. After our assembly we were able to have a look inside the ARV, test out the sirens and even sit inside the vehicle!

Year 2 Sports Afternoon

We were blessed with perfect weather for our Sports afternoon and the children thoroughly had a fantastic time. Well done to all our Year 1 children , who all participated in lots of games and races.

Learning about the Environment in the Sunshine

Year 2 enjoyed the afternoon sunshine whilst helping the environment by learning to make compost. We know that making compost reduces waste to landfill and feeds our plants.

Instructional Texts in Literacy 

Year 2 have been studying Instructional Texts in their literacy lessons. They wrote instructions for making a sandwich and tested them for accuracy. Then they enjoyed eating the fruits of their labour!

St George's Day

Year 2 designed their own dragons in Art lessons and followed this with a piece of descriptive writing about their design.

On Monday, the children enjoyed a special menu to celebrate St George's Day. 

St Bridgets Church Visit

Year 2  visited the Easter Experience at Saint Bridget's church on Tuesday. They moved around the church and  heard five stories from the bible.  Reverend John spoke to all about the feast of Easter. The walk to church on the day of Spring Equinox reminded us of the changing season and lifted the spirits of all.

Tennis Day

This week year 2 had an extra keep fit session practising their skills with the coaches from Hoylake Tennis Club. The children demonstrated an impressive level of co-ordination using their ball and racquet skills. A great time was had by all!

Lost and Found Mystery Suitcase

This week Year 2 had a mystery suitcase delivered. It is the beginning of our work on "Lost and Found." We have worked with enthusiasm to describe the contents of the suitcase. Year 2  have used clues and been detectives making predictions about who the suitcase belongs to. Thankfully we now know it belongs to the main characters in the story.

Year 2 and Year 3 World Book Day

Y2 and Y3 thoroughly enjoyed their shared reading experiences on World Book Day.  They had reading partners to listen to, read to and discuss their chosen books.  It was a great success. 

Keep Fit Session

Year 2 joined Year 1 for an extra keep fit session in the hall today. Mr Kyriacou led the circuit training and the children really enjoyed the challenge. They were all very energetic and had a great work out.

Trip to Gilmoss Recycling Centre in Liverpool

Today Year 1 and 2 went to visit the recycling centre. We played recycling games, helped sort rubbish into the correct recycling bins, met Bin Bin the recycled elephant and saw lots of recycling machines. 

The children operated the cameras to zoom in on different sections of the recycling centre. We learnt about how magnets, claws, scanners, and people in the prep sort cabin helped to recycle our rubbish. 

We were all very excited to go through the 'doors of wonder' to see the machines and people in action! 

Today we learnt how to use cameras to see different processes happening. 

We could move them around ourselves to watch areas we are interested in. 


Year 2 have been doing cultural studies in Spanish lessons and have enjoyed making some Guatemalan worry dolls.


Year two have been adopting a cross- curricular approach to their studies in caring for our Earth. In English lessons we are reading Michael Recycle. We are also working on recycling issues in Science and Topic. We agree with Michael. Wasting is Rubbish! RECYCLING is the Word!


Year 2 have had a busy start to the New Year! In PSHCEE we have been thinking about targets for 2018. The children were asked to think of an area at school that they could improve on and something they could do at home to improve their health and wellbeing (or that of their parents!)

The children came up with a variety of targets including, ‘ I will try to improve my handwriting,’ ‘I will try to work faster,’ ‘I will try not to get distracted,’ and for home, ‘I will try to keep my bedroom tidy,’ I will try to eat less sweets and more fruit and vegetables,’  and I will try and be more active.’

In Maths, Year 2 have been learning about representing and interpreting data using pictograms. We did a survey of what the Year 1 and Year 2’s favourite fruit is. We recorded the results, firstly on a tally chart and then onto a pictogram. We were surprised to discover that the most popular fruit was melon and the least popular fruit was apples!

Visit to the War memorial

Year 2 visited the local War Memorial on Monday to record some information about our topic work on Remembrance. The children made sketches and found out some of the names of the fallen. They all worked with enthusiasm and enjoyment. They were a credit to Avalon.