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Year 1 News 2018-2019

Trip to The Boat Museum

The Infants visited the National Waterways Museum and had a wonderful time. Year 1 and 2 had a Canal Art workshop followed by a picnic lunch and playtime. In the afternoon they were thrilled to see a narrow boat navigate a lock and then step back in time "checking out" Porter's row with cottages from 1900, 1930 and 1950. For more photo click on this link Photo Gallery

Topic Work - Growth and Change

As part of our seasonal topic about growth and change, Year 1 have engaged in various lessons to develop their knowledge, understanding and social skills.

The children have discussed who and what has helped them grow and become the young people they now are.

In Art, they have constructed butterflies using a needle and thread to intricately stitch two pieces of material together. They have also created their own "Summer Garden" canvas painting, using a selection of cotton buds, paint brushes, acrylic and water based paints. Each of these crafts has helped the development of fine motor skills.

Our years learning will culminate in our production, "Thank you for Helping Me Grow". For more photo click on this link Photo Gallery

Sports Day

Sports day was scorchio! The children competed I their house teams and all gave super efforts to their races. Well done Avalonians!


What a load of rubbish!

As part of our PSHE topic 'Living in the Wider World', Year 1 have been thinking about how we can look after our local environment.

One of our ideas was to keep our school clean and tidy whilst at the same time protecting the environment for the future. The children voted to have a 'litter picking' mission. After discussing the rules - i.e do not use your hands to pick up rubbish, how to dispose of items correctly, Year 1 approached their task with great enthusiasm, scouring the grounds for any rubbish.

In a short space of time and much to the surprise of the children, a whole bag full of paper, plastic, string etc had been collected.

A further discussion developed regarding the length of time it may take for the items to degrade and the long term implications for the planet/ environment. All of the children agreed that they would always try their best to look for the appropriate bin to place their rubbish.


During Science and Art cross curricular lessons, Year 1 have been learning about plants. In science the children learnt what the parts of the plant are and what their function entails. To further develop their understanding, the children studied plants and flowers outside and then made an observational drawing which they then completed in watercolour.

Cyber Crime Investigator Visitor

Today, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a visit from Detective Investigator, Paul Perry. We learned a lot about how the police service can help people, how they keep us safe and respond to emergencies.

The children thought about how to make an emergency call and how to report a crime. All the children received a gift to take home.


Year 1 have been investigating capacity. We have measured, compared  and discussed a variety of  different containers and used mathematical vocabulary to estimate and measure how much liquid they hold. We have ordered the containers to show which held the least and which held the greatest amount of fluid.

World Book Day

Today is World book Day! Year 1 have been reading a yet to be published story, "Bo ,Hero to Zero", written by Sarah Norton and Hugo Chandor, illustrated by Gary Plant. We have all dressed up as animals and have enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the day including  drawing our favourite character from the story and shared our reading books with the children from year 4.  We were very fortunate to meet the authors of "Bo, Hero to Zero" and take part in a shared reading session with them.

Chinese New Year

This week Year 1 have been very busy preparing for Chinese New Year. The children have been finding out about the Chinese Zodiac. Some of the class were born in the Year of the Snake and some were born in the Year of the Dragon.

We have read the story of The River Race and talked about Chinese traditions. In their Art lessons the children have made colourful Chinese dragons and practised painting Chinese numbers.

We are learning to say, "Kung Hey Fat Choy!"


Year 1 had fun discovering their new cross-curricular topic of 'Transport' through independent learning.  They had to be detectives and find out which Spanish words sounded like their cognate partners in English.  For example, they discovered that 'en tren' means 'by train'.  Oh how easy it is to learn Spanish! 😊  ¡Olé!

PE Balancing

Last week, Year 1 worked collaboratively in team games to start the topic of balance. They had to cross the hall on stepping stones without touching the floor.

The theme of balance was continued this week as the children explored the different balances they could make. They kept balances of interesting shapes and on different levels on their feet, bottoms, knees and shoulders.

Autumn Topic

The children in Year 1 have been enjoying exploring their outdoor area whilst taking part in Autumnal explorations. 

Even though the weather has been unusually warm, the children were all able to make their own observations in regards to the seasonal changes and record their findings on a tick sheet, whilst at the same time commenting on the smell that they correctly identified from a local wood fire. Unable to locate a pumpkin, on returning to their classroom they took great delight in finding the pumpkin from their previous visit to Claremont Farm - tick sheet completed!

Food Topic - Claremont Farm Trip

Year 1 and 2 took a trip to Claremont Farm as part of our topic on food. It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and we were very excited as we put on our wellies and boarded the coach. On our arrival we met Farmer Andrew and his dog Aggie. Farmer Andrew took us all on a 'Wellie Walk' around the farm showing us the fields and crops. We watched as the tractors and machinery arrived to harvest the potatoes. We tasted broccoli, cauliflower and  red cabbage straight from the field, walked through the maize and chose two pumpkins to take back to school. After meeting the pigs we returned to school for a picnic lunch on the field. We had a lovely time at the farm and learned a lot about farming, healthy eating and where our food comes from.

Royal Wedding!

Returning to school after the summer holidays, the children in Year 1 (former Reception class) were intrigued about a letter they had received which was stamped with the Royal crest.

On opening it, the children were delighted to discover a card enclosed from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex thanking them for the wedding card they had made for them back in May!