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Year 1 News 2017-2018

Police called to Avalon School!

Last week Avalon had a visit from the police. The children were shown some specialist equipment and sat in the police car. The siren was very loud but thankfully nobody was arrested!

Year 1 Sports Afternoon

We were blessed with perfect weather for our Sports afternoon and the children thoroughly had a fantastic time. Well done to all our Year 1 Children, who all participated in lots of fun games and races.


Fire Brigade Visit

Year 1 have been learning about emergencies. Today we had a visit from the firefighters. We talked about what to do in an emergency and what to expect when you call 999. We tried on some of the protective clothing and even got to have a go with the hose.

P.E Problem Solving

Year 1 had a wonderful time problem solving in P.E. this week. They worked together to create pathways with blocks to move across the room without touching the floor.


P.E. Dance Lesson

In response to the cold, snowy weather on Thursday, Year 1 became icicles during our P.E. Dance lesson. Looking at a picture of  icicles, we discussed their cold, hard, sharp, spikey qualities which the children then translated into their own movements. As the icicles melted, the children's movements became more swirly and fluid before draining away (as the snow seems to have done, as well). 

Dentist Visit

The Dentist came to visit Year 1. She told us how important it is to keep our teeth healthy and we learned about healthy food and drinks. We talked about brushing our teeth and the Dentist gave us all toothbrushes and toothpaste to take home.

World Book Day 2018

It was World Book Day and Year 1 dressed up as characters from their favourite books. We had a special assembly with a parade of costumes. Year 4 came to read with us and we enjoyed lots of stories and books.

Trip to Gilmoss Recylcing Centre in Liverpool

Today Year 1 and 2 went to visit the recycling centre. We played recycling games, helped sort rubbish into the correct recycling bins, met Bin Bin the recycled elephant and saw lots of recycling machines. 

The children operated the cameras to zoom in on different sections of the recycling centre. We learnt about how magnets, claws, scanners, and people in the prep sort cabin helped to recycle our rubbish. 

We were all very excited to go through the 'doors of wonder' to see the machines and people in action! 

Today we learnt how to use cameras to see different processes happening. 

We could move them around ourselves to watch areas we are interested in. 


Year 1 have been learning about staying safe in the workplace. We learnt about personal protective equipment (PPE) and tried some on. The children learnt why people wear masks too. 


Year 1 have been investigating materials. Their challenge today was to protect the Mini Monsters from the rain. They tested fabric, tissue paper, cellophane and a tissue to find out which would be the best material to use to make an umbrella.


Year 1 have been fluttering, soaring, sweeping and turning, streamers flying making a very colourful and dramatic dance. As well as making their streamers dance in response to the music, the children also ensured that their movements reflected the mood of the music. 


Year 1 enjoyed starting their Spanish lessons this Spring term in our dedicated Language ICT Suite.  They were learning how to say how old they are by practising with a language programme they can also use at home.

Remembrance Day

Following our school assembly, Year 1 have been thinking about Remembrance. We have listened to the poem 'In Flanders Fields' and made our own poppies.


Year 1 have been busy jumping in P.E. this half term. First they practised the basic jumps and developed their own ideas. After collaborating and practising with a partner, they then performed imaginative routines at floor level.

Finally, the children extended their skills and control, by jumping from a height, aiming to smoothly link jumps together.


Parts of the Body

During Science lessons we have been learning about our bodies. We can all draw our bodies and label our body parts.   Year 1 have also been reading a body book and learning about the skeleton and muscles.