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Year 1 News 2016-2017

Philharmonic orchestra visit

Key Stage 1 enjoyed a trip to the Liverpool Philharmonic to hear the story 'Harper and the Scarlett Umbrella'. The story was read by television presenter and author Cerrie Burnell and accompanied by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Year 1 & 2 PSHCEE

As part of our P.S.H.C.E.E curriculum, the children from Years 1 & 2 took part in a trip to our local supermarket. The children had a pound to spend on a healthy snack.

 We walked to the supermarket along the Wirral Way and talked about many of the plants we saw beside the pathway. We travelled through Ashton Park, looking at the different birds around the pond and stopped at the bowling green for a few minutes to watch a game of bowls.

 At Morrison’s we all chose our snack and took it to the self-service counter where we paid and collected our change and receipt.

We walked back along West Kirby front, next to the Marina Lake. It was here where a gust of wind blew some of our hats off! We had to rescue two of them from the water!

The children were complimented on their appearance and behaviour by several members of the public. They all enjoyed the outing very much.




Spring walk

Year 1 went on a walk to see if we could find any signs of Spring. We saw daffodils, we heard birds singing and we could smell a bonfire. The sky was blue and it was cold, but the sun was shining.

PHSCEE - keeping healthy (wb 30th Jan)

On Monday 30th January we were pleased to welcome Mr. Kyriacou into school. Mr. Kyriacou is a professional rugby coach who kindly volunteered to work with Years 1 and 2 during Monday afternoon. The children were eager to learn and practised some basic handling skills, passing and catching the ball. At the end of the session the children questioned Mr. Kyriacou on the benefits of regular exercise and understood why being active is good for you.

Meeting the dentist

Year 1 had an appointment with the dentist. We learned how to look after our teeth and which foods to avoid. The dentist gave us a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a brushing chart to take home.

Winter Weather (wb 23rd Jan)

As part of our 'Seasons' topic, we have been measuring the weather again, this time collecting data for winter. We found out that it has rained more, and is colder than it was during our autumn data collection. We were shocked to find that it wasn't as windy this time. Following our measurements we created weather reports for the United Kingdom, helping to prepare people for the weather with hints and tips on how to stay warm and safe.


Year 1 have been working on creating balances on different parts of their bodies, at different heights. Today they enjoyed making imaginative balances with a partner or a small group, using small equipment. Mrs. Callaway impressed us all when modelling her very dramatic balance. 

Weather Measuring

Throughout the year our class will be measuring and monitoring the weather, using thermometers, rain gauges and wind vanes.  We have taken our autumn measurements, and can't wait to collect our data for winter.


Finding out where their food goes

As part of Year 1's cross curricular topic on food, we have been learning all about digestion of food. We named the different parts of our bodies, then focused particularly on the parts that help us to digest food. We read 'I know where my food goes' then children used wooden tools to chop and mash food like teeth. Finally, the children massaged the food into a soupy mixture like the stomach and pushed it through the intestines, just like Sam explained in our book.

Farm to Fork

Years 1 and 2 went on a trip to Tesco supermarket in Heswall. We were met by Lindsay who showed us around the store. Our focus was sustainability and firstly we searched for logos on food including Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. These logos help us to identify foods which are farmed with care and consideration for the planet and its population.

We talked about what chocolate was made from. We tasted cocoa, milk chocolate and white chocolate and then we had a chocolate hunt, finding lots of foods made using chocolate.

We looked at ways of preserving fish; fresh, frozen and canned. We tasted Mackerel Pate and looked at the variety of fish at the fish counter.

We finished by making a banana smoothie and eating it before getting back on the coach to come back to school.

Weather Watching

As part of our seasonal changes topic this Autumn, we have made measuring equipment. We used our bottle rain gauges to measure rain fall, our willow and plastic bag wind vanes to measure wind direction and used thermometers to measure the temperature. Year 1 will repeat this over all 4 seasons to discover the changes that happen. We have also looked for other 'clues' that it is Autumn, creating Autumn bottles to share all of our personal favourites about Autumn.

Golden Rules

Today Year 1 talked about why we have rules as part of our PSHCEE lesson. We read our 'Golden Rules' and agreed that rules are important if we are to work together harmoniously. We all put a smiley face in our scrap book. 


The children in Year 1 have been thinking about people who have scientific jobs. The children enjoyed role play as vets and doctors using stethoscopes, bandages and prescriptions.

Ball skills in P.E.

Year 1 have been working really hard in P.E.  developing their ball skills. Today they worked with our new striped and spotted balls. They showed great control in moving the balls around their bodies, catching, bouncing and tracking a moving ball.


Year 1 have been finding out about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have made clay diva lamps and painted and decorated them. We have looked at symmetry in Rangoli patterns and listened to traditional Indian pipe music. We told the story of Rama and Sita in our Diwali Assembly