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Year 1 Class News

Easter Fun!

Year 1 have had ‘eggcellent’ fun this afternoon! During PSHCEE they explored ‘Easter around the world’ and discovered that different countries celebrate Easter with different traditions. One favourite was the egg rolling competition in Scotland...So, to end their day, Year 1 enjoyed their very own Easter egg hunt followed by egg rolling and some bunny hopping games. Happy Easter everyone!  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Growing Runner Beans

Over the last fortnight Year 1 have been learning about plants. We have been talking about plant life cycles and what seeds and plants need to grow.  Two weeks ago we planted Runner Beans. By using a paper towel and a transparent cup, the children have been able to observe every stage of germination from the first sign of a root to a stem and then leaves emerging above.  We're looking forward to seeing some beans!  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Measuring with Non-Standard Units

Year 1 have been measuring using non-standard units. We used paper clips, blocks and Lego bricks to compare the length of a variety of objects. We measured our pencils, our shoes, our desks and our glue sticks.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Springtime Art

The children have been making lovely large Daffodil windmills in Art to celebrate St David's Day.  They have also started to learn all about St David in their Topic lesson.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

BHT Elf Kick Yuletide Yoga

As part of our ‘Christmas Elf Kick’ in aid of The British Heart Foundation, Year 1 and 2 took part in a Yuletide Yoga session. They balanced, stretched and relaxed, and all with a Christmas theme.

Creating Diwali Lamp

Year 1 put the finishing touches to their Diwali lamps with pearlescent paint in shiny reds, golds, yellows, blues and greens.  They then sprinkled them with bright star, sun and moon shapes.  We then lit up our Year 1 classroom on a cloudy, rainy afternoon.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Learning About Diwali

Year 1 have been learning about Diwali. Diwali is the Hindu festival of light but is also celebrated by other religions. We have learned about Hindu celebrations and rituals. The children have written about the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed hearing about Ravana and Hanuman. We have made Divali lamps and designed Rangoli patterns.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Sprinkling Fireworks

Year 1 have been cutting, sticking and sprinkling glitter to make their firework pictures in art this week.  Their fireworks were drawn using Oil Pastels and they cut out rectangles and triangles to make their rockets.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Learning about Farm Animals in Spanish

In Spanish this week, Year 1 have been learning the words for farm animals. They started with our ‘Hello’ song to warm up their Spanish accents and then used funny actions to help them remember the animal vocabulary. We then finished with our number song, which allowed them to describe the animals in more detail. ¡Sobresaliente, Year 1! 

Keeping Active!

This week as part of our topic on Well Being and Mental Health, Year 1  have been working on a cross curricula basis in PE lessons. We know that outdoor physical activity is very good for us. It can improve our mood and keeps us healthy. We had fun with warm up stretches  and small team games.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Creating Autumn Trees

This week Year 1 used their bodies to help them draw an autumn tree.  They carefully drew around their arm and hands to make the trunk and branches.  After painting the tree they stamped corks and sponges all over the branches to make autumnal leaves.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Signs of Autumn

Year 1 have been enjoying some sunshine on an Autumn walk this week. The children used their senses to detect changes in the environment and to spot signs of Autumn. They collected  some colourful leaves to use in their artwork and even spotted a squirrel!  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Rhythmic Routines in Music

The children in Year 1 have been having fun learning about tuned and un-tuned percussion. We have been performing ‘rhythmic routines’ with drumsticks and using body percussion, and performing tunes on the glockenspiels and bells.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

Learning about the Seasons

This week Year 1 have been learning about the seasons. We have talked about the months of the year and how the seasons change over time.  We have been learning about Autumn and how the weather, temperature and daylight hours change. We have thought about animals in Autumn and have made hibernating hedgehogs.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.

This is Me, Self Portraits

Welcome to our new academic year.  The children have settled in well and adjusted easily to new class routines.  We have been talking a lot about ourselves this week.  In Art the children have used mirrors, paints and observational techniques to create a likeness of themselves for our classroom display.  See the Year 1 Gallery for more photos.