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Reception Class News

Castles and Dragons

This week in Reception, the children have enjoyed learning about Dragons. We listened to the ‘Tell me a Dragon’ story which led to the children designing and painting their own dragons. The children used their lovely creations to help them to write about their Dragon using describing words and even some connectives to extend their sentences too!

The children have also enjoyed exploring the Castle role-play area, building castles, creating Princess and Knight masks and learning about fiction and non-fiction books by exploring dragon stories as well as information books about castles.

During Mathematics, the children have been exploring measures with a particular focus on length and height. They were very excited to learn how tall they were and enjoyed making estimations and measuring various objects using a ruler themselves.  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Happy New Year from Reception!

Over the last couple of days, the Reception children have been learning all about the New Year, what it means and how it's celebrated. We watched the 2021 firework display in London and talked about how things are a little different this year but how we can keep ourselves and others safe.

In Mathematics, we learnt learnt about Days, Months and Years and in Literacy, we set and wrote our own New Year’s resolutions. We finished our learning about New Year with a relaxing New Year pattern activity whilst listening to Auld Lang Syne and then we enjoyed some New Year themed Yoga...Happy New Year to everyone from us all in Reception!  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

It’s Christmas!!!

Our Reception class have loved all things Christmassy over the last couple of weeks...With a Santa’s Grotto, Wrapping Station, Christmas Play dough and plenty of Christmas crafts, we sure have been busy! In particular, the children have loved writing their letters to Santa which we then walked and posted ourselves into the post-box. We hope our parents enjoy their special delivery in the post too, the children really took their time to create a beautiful card and write their own Christmas greetings inside. Well done Reception!  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

BHT Elf Kick Santa Dash!

KS1 Christmas Elf Kick Challenge 1 - Santa Dash!

We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

Continuing with our topic based on stories with repeated refrains, this week our focus story was ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.  The children loved joining in as a class to help Miss Hardy read the story and then they used their imaginations to create their very own part. The children each thought of a place which they described and then they thought about how they would get through it using various noises and actions...

“Uh oh! Sinking Sand, stinky, sticky, sinking sand.  We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we’ll have to go through it!  Balance, jump, balance, jump”

After finding some suspicious Bear prints in the forest garden, the children then went on their own Bear Hunt! This involved the children going through the long wavy grass, across the river, through the snowstorm, in the dark forest and through the thick oozy mud. After tip-toeing through the cave, they discovered IT WAS A BEAR!!!  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.



Going on a Gruffalo Hunt

This week, we have started our new topic ‘Stories with Repeated Patterns’ and our focus story has been ‘The Gruffalo’.  The Reception children have been learning about story structure which led them to create their own ending to this familiar story.  The Gruffalo has also supported the children learning about rhyming words and they particularly loved playing rhyming bingo!  Other activities have included making Gruffalo Crumble in the tuff tray, making a Gruffalo using brown playdough, sticks, googly eyes and purple prickles and also creating masks and characters for our new Gruffalo Cave in the role-play area. A favourite was playing ‘Rhyming River’ during outdoor learning time!  We wonder what fun ‘The Snail and the Whale’ will bring next week...  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Learning about Diwali

As part of our topic ‘Light and Dark’, this week we have been learning about Diwali. This has involved the children learning about why the festival is celebrated and all about the Rama and Sita story. From this, the children have been learning about how to write phrases using multiple words and finger spaces. In addition to this, the children have been creating Rangoli patterns and Happy Diwali cards. During outdoor learning, the children enjoyed building a den to enjoy a story in the dark with torches! To take home, the children have made their very own Diva lamps with an added candle to enjoy as part of the ‘Festival of Light’ celebrations on Saturday.  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Spotty Fun on Children In Need Day

What a lovely morning in aid of Children in Need, wearing spots, playing outdoor games with spots and eating spotty biscuits. Yummy!  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Light and Dark

As part of our new topic ‘Light and Dark’ the children have been involved in lots of exciting activities this week.  We shared the ‘Bears in the Night’ story which led us to talk about our bedtime routines and how we can feel safe in the dark.  The children then created a list of descriptive words for Light and Dark and recorded their thoughts in their Literacy books. The children have created powder paint firework displays during outdoor learning as well as a brightly coloured firework wall display during Art using kitchen roll holders. Reception have also enjoyed making firework patterns in the sand and watching a virtual display in a darkened class room. Next week we will continue our theme of ‘Light and Dark’ focussing on Diwali, the Festival Of Light.  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Halloween...well almost!

A topic that could not be missed in Reception. The children have been so excited to base their learning around all things spooky this week. We read ‘Room on the Broom’ which led us to describe the witch using some fantastic adjectives. Also to support our learning of 2D shapes, the children have been creating witches and monsters using various shapes during Mathematics. They have enjoyed exploring the ‘Witches and Wizards Workshop’ as well as playing a Halloween themed listening game during outdoor learning time with instruments representing different spooky sounds. To finish a very busy half-term, we enjoyed a Halloween special during Yoga time, making unique monsters during Art and then most excitedly, taking home the Halloween basket which we decorated throughout the week (now filled with yummy treats!) Happy half-term!  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Learning all about Autumn and Harvest

We started our week with a lovely walk to Caldy Woods, we spotted lots of seasonal changes and collected a beautiful range of Autumn objects to take back to the classroom – we even stopped for a splash in the puddles as we did have our wellington boots on!

Back in class, we have been Autumn printing, making pumpkins with play dough and making potions in the water area. In addition to this, we have been exploring fruits and vegetables in class and comparing fresh foods to processed, thinking about which foods would be suitable to donate for Harvest.

Of course we didn’t want to see all of the lovely vegetables go to waste, so we decided to make some yummy vegetable soup with them. The children created lists of the ingredients we needed and after reading ‘Animal Soup’, we created a recipe together to help remind us what we needed to do. The children washed and chopped vegetables, stirred them up and then tried the delicious finished product.  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Black History Month in PHSCEE

During our PHSCEE session this week, we have been learning about the importance of treating everyone fairly as part of Black History Month.

We focussed on the story of Rosa Parks and created a bus in our classroom. We sang 'The Wheels on the Bus' before each stop where then one child got on the bus. We repeated this until there were no more spaces. The children quickly noticed that this wasn't fair because one child was not on the bus! We thought about what Rosa Parks did when this happened to her, saying that it was not fair that she couldn't have a seat. Reception decided to add another chair to our bus to allow for all of the children to continue their journey together and happily singing. We know how important it is to treat everyone fairly despite our differences!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

Well done to our lovely Reception class who played the hand bells beautifully.  They had to concentrate really hard to keep in time and showed great teamwork!



Autumn Explorers!

This week the Reception children have started learning about seasons with a particular focus on ‘Autumn and Leaves’.  We began our new topic by looking for signs of Autumn in our forest garden. From this, we collected some beautiful Autumn objects to help us with our descriptive writing and leaf printing. We have enjoyed fantastic stories such as ‘Leaf Man’ and ‘Stick Man’ and the children have even had a go at making their own in the creative area. In addition to this, the children have been making hedgehogs with playdough, investigating natural objects in the tuff tray and exploring a range of whole body actions to simulate the movements of leaves alongside Autumn inspired music. After all of our busy work, we finished the week with ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ Yoga. Phew!  Next week continues with Autumn and Harvest...  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Our Senses

This week, the children in Reception have been learning all about their senses. We started our learning by going on a sensory walk in our Forest Garden where we could hear birds, see trees, smell flowers and feel leaves. We then took our learning back into the classroom where the children tried some various fruits and as you can see, the lemons and limes got a great reaction! The children were also involved in adding their own herbs and spices into play dough, adding flowers to our water play and exploring wet and dry sand. During our outdoor learning time, the children made their very own fantastic ‘Autumn Sun Catchers’!  What a productive and super busy week, well done Reception!  See the Reception Gallery for more photos.

Starting School

Our Reception children have made a fantastic start to their school life!

The children have created their own Class Charter, adding their promises for the year on to their handprints.  The children have begun to learn about sounds and numbers and they are enjoying our topic ‘Ourselves and Our Families’. This has involved the children thinking about why they are unique and creating their own self-portraits. The children have then shared their own family photographs from home with their class, discussing who is in their family and why they are special.  A particular favourite has been outdoor learning time, where the children have extended their learning further and enjoyed practical, hands on activities within our forest garden. Well done Reception, a well deserved certificate to everyone for making such a fantastic start to your school year!  See the Reception Gallery for more photo.