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Reception Class News

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Exploring and Creating Maps

During our recent outdoor learning sessions, Reception have been introduced to maps and why we use them. The children walked around the forest garden creating their own maps. They are hoping for a visitor soon who can use and follow their maps to the campfire! Reception then took their outdoor learning indoors due to the windy weather...They worked together to follow directions and used the compasses to find their way through school, at the end of their journey, Reception stumbled across a lovely treat waiting for chocolate and crispy cakes, yummy! What a treat on a wet and windy day!

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Christmas Party Day!

Dancing, Freddie Fantastic and tasty refreshments!

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Santa’s Been!

After a fantastic Christmas party, the children were VERY excited to be surprised with a visit from the big man himself! As Reception are all on the good list, they each got a special present off him too.

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Letters to Santa!

This week, the Reception children have written some fantastic letters to Santa. They were very excited to walk to our local post box and deliver them too! We cannot wait to receive our reply from Father Christmas soon...

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Elf on the Shelf!

We have a visitor in Reception! Our Elf on the Shelf (appropriately named 'Jingle' by the children) is watching us closely in Reception to make sure that we are always making the right choices!

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Reception have enjoyed all of our Winter themed activities this week! From counting snowballs, to painting winter trees and making wreaths in our outdoor area! We have really noticed a change in the weather too, we explored this by going for a walk around our school grounds and looking for signs of winter, this really encouraged the children’s descriptive writing in Literacy. We have also enjoyed some great winter stories including ‘Jack Frost’ and we have been carefully cutting snowflakes and icicles in our cosy winter den! We think the children will be very excited to develop this further next week when we turn all things CHRISTMASSY!

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Chester Zoo

Today the children had a wonderful trip to Chester Zoo! The children helped lead the way towards which animals they wanted to see including; monkeys, lions, penguins, bears, flamingos, giraffes, elephants, sloths and many more! Our particular favourites were the Butterfly Garden and Aquarium. We even managed to squeeze in some play time within the fantastic Adventure Play Area too!

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Diwali Celebration

Today we enjoyed a special assembly delivered by Mrs Khangura! We learnt about the basics of Sikhi through a lovely story and how and why Diwali is celebrated. The children especially enjoyed having a dance at the end!

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Road Safety

In PSCHEE this week, the children have been learning about Road Safety. They enjoyed listening to a story about how to cross a road safely before having a go themselves, remembering to STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN!

Reception also enjoyed listening to a Road Safety song and creating their own posters!

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Remembrance Service

Today the Reception children attended a special Remembrance Service in school. They listened carefully as we thought about why/who we remember and also about the significance of the Poppy. The children enjoyed listening to some beautiful poems, singing and they observed 2 minutes silence before placing their beautifully handmade poppies on to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Let’s Celebrate!

This week we have started our new ‘Celebrations’ topic by learning about Diwali. The children enjoyed learning about the story of Rama and Sita and the traditions linked to ‘The Festival of Light’. The children created their own Diya lamps, made Rangoli patterns and celebrated away in our party area! Our writing focus involved the children writing their own invitation to a friend to request their presence at our Diwali Party on Friday. Everyone was very excited to take home a personal and colourfully decorated invitation! On Friday, we danced and celebrated by candlelight, we tried some new foods including Samosas and Bhaji’s and even watched an (interactive) firework display!

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Outdoor Learning Day

To coincide with our learning about Diwali, the Reception children made Diya Lamps using clay and natural objects found in our forest garden. We also took our Mathematics session outdoors, going on a number hunt and then ordering numbers forwards and backwards up to 10!

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Washing Our Hands

During our PSHCEE session today, the children enjoyed learning how to wash their hands properly whilst singing a song to ensure that they wash them for long enough! After all of the children had finished washing their hands properly, they each created a fantastic ‘Hand Washing Poster’ which we will be displaying around our classroom to ensure that we do not forget to do it!

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Stay and Play

It has been lovely to welcome our parents back into the classroom this week - the children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning!

Our theme for the week was ‘Harvest’ with a particular focus on ‘Sharing to show we Care’, the children brought in their own donations and we used the fruits and vegetables from our Grocery store to sort the foods into groups of ‘processed’ and ‘fresh’. This led us to think about why it would be better to donate the ‘processed’ foods – “because they will last longer!”.

Around our classroom, we enjoyed fruit and vegetable printing with primary colours, planting and growing vegetables in the tuff tray, exploring frozen Autumn objects in the water tray, building a farm in the construction area, making leaf patterns with playdough, learning from lots of autumn and harvest books in the reading area and searching for numbers amongst lots of obstacles using tweezers only in our Maths Area. In Literacy, the children were visiting the shop but needed to write their shopping list first, great segmenting Reception!

In addition to all of this, the Reception children each made their own bird feeder during outdoor learning time to take home over the half-term holiday! Phew – a restful break for us all in Reception is well deserved!

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Autumn Walk to The Woods

After learning so much about Autumn recently, the children could not wait to explore our local woods and collect lots of Autumn objects.

The Great British weather did not disappoint and so we enjoyed a wet welly walk and found beautiful coloured leaves, lots of berries, fir cones, nuts and even some poisonous puffballs (we left those ones in the woods!) The children will enjoy exploring and investigating their findings in the classroom over the next few days!

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Well-being Week!

To create a relaxed ambience within our classroom this week, we have listened to fire crackling and autumn themed nature sounds during our learning time. We have had lots of discussions about our feelings and emotions and sharing ‘The Big Book of Feelings’ story helped us to learn about why we feel some of these emotions and how to deal with negative emotions too. We took most of our learning outdoors on Wednesday, exploring our natural surroundings and listening to environmental sounds. ‘Thankful Thursday’ involved Reception thinking about who they are thankful for and why, they drew beautiful pictures on little hearts to express their thoughts and ideas. Friday certainly was a ‘feel good’ day! We danced our way through the morning before enjoying some yellow-themed treats at lunch time.

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The Start of Autumn 

On Monday, many of us came to school having noticed a very big and beautiful rainbow! We started to think about the weather changing and learning about Autumn. The children went for an Autumn walk, looking for other signs such as; conkers, chestnuts, colour-changing leaves, fir cones and much more! The children used their checklists to help them to find lots of different things. Back in the classroom, we talked about what we could see/hear/feel and smell on our Autumn walk and recorded our ideas in our Literacy books. Reception have also enjoyed buying real fruits and vegetables in our Grocery store, investigating the Autumn themed tuff tray, ordering Autumn objects according to size and reading lots of stories about Autumn time!

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We are all different and all special!

Our PSHCEE session this week involved us sharing a story titled ‘We Are All Different’. The children thought about what makes them unique and shared some ideas with their partners. They then studied their faces in the mirror to carefully draw self-portraits considering hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, freckles etc. Lots of detail included – well done Reception!

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Exploring Different Activities 

In Reception this week, the children have been enjoying lots of varied activities including painting Autumn pictures and making patterns using natural objects. In addition to this, the Health Centre Role-play area has been very popular, encouraging the children to care for one another. We read ‘The Great Big Book of Families’ which helped us to understand that every family is different but all very special and unique in their own way. The children then drew their families, thinking about what they liked to do best and what made them special. Outdoor learning saw the children collecting fallen leaves to create fantastic leaf family members too!

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Outdoor Learning

Reception experienced their first 'Outdoor Learning' session with Mrs Gardner this week. What a busy afternoon they had, the children created a fire surround to sit around, they played hide-and-seek to explore the forest garden, they planted bulbs, collaged people using natural materials and then after all that, they ended their session with some mindfulness and relaxed listening to various sounds in the environment.

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Busy Bees in Reception!

This week, our Reception children have loved exploring our Forest garden, creating beautiful self-portraits and developing their fine motor skills using play dough and threading activities in our ‘Finger Gym’ area!

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Our First Week in School!

Well done to all of our Reception children for having such a successful first week in school!

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