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RSE Information

RSE Review - April 2021

As a part of your child’s educational experience at Avalon School, we aim to promote personal wellbeing and development through a comprehensive taught programme of Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic (PSHCE) education that gives children and young people the knowledge, under-standing, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive and fulfilled lives, both now and in the future.

As you may already be aware, the Department for Education announced changes to relationships and sex education following nationwide consultation. These changes came into effect from September 2020 and all schools are required to comply with the updated requirements by Summer 2021. The statutory guidance can be found at:

This means that we have been reviewing our RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) curriculum and policy so we can be sure our RSE provision which will be taught during the next half term, (week commencing 7th June) is appropriate for our pupils based on their:
• Age
• Physical and emotional maturity
• Religious and cultural backgrounds
• Special educational needs and disabilities

The important lessons you teach your child about healthy relationships, looking after themselves and staying safe, are respected, and valued under the RSE curriculum. Teaching in school will complement and reinforce the lessons that you teach your child as they grow up. It is very important, therefore, that parents know and understand how and when the school will cover content of this curriculum and we urge parents to read and review this as a first step. To read and find out more about the school’s current RSE policy and curriculum content for each year group, please click here: Avalon RSE Policy

Parents may also find it useful to read the DfE’s Frequently Asked Questions document which provides further details and explains some of the common misconceptions around Relationships and Sex Education. The RSE_primary_schools_guide_for_parents.pdf provides some further information about parental rights.

As part of this review process, we would like to consult with parents, to inform our decisions on when and how certain curriculum content is covered in school. Based on the feedback from our consultation survey, we will make any necessary adjustments to our current RSE policy and curriculum content and inform parents of any changes.

Parents will be invited to a virtual parent information meeting (Wednesday 5th May or Thursday 6th May 4-5pm) to find out more about what your child will learn, view the materials and resources being used in lessons and discover how you can best support your child at home.

As a school community we are committed to working in partnership with parents and previous consultations and feedback have indicated that the overwhelming majority of parents continue to be highly supportive of our RSE programme. If you would like to find out more or discuss any concerns, we would urge you to virtually attend the information meetings (further meeting details to follow) and complete the survey link below.

To participate in the consultation survey please click on the link below:
The survey will close by end of Thursday 29th April 2021.


This page has the material that will be used in our Relationship and Sex Education Classes available for your information. Attached at the bottom of the page is an updated copy of the school's policies on Relationship and Sex Education. 









The following video will be shown from Reception to Year 6. The video is from the NSPCC and introduces the Pantasaurus, a dinosaur that wants every child to stay safe and strong, and he's on a mission to share an important message. This video will be shown  along with a lesson developed by the NSPCC.

Reception to Year 6 Video – Pantasaurus

The following video will be shown to Years 4,5 and 6 and is an introduction to the changes that are bodies go through during puberty.

Video for Years 4, 5 and 6 – Puberty Introduction

In Years 5 and 6 ,the more in depth videos explaining boy's and girls' changing bodies will be shown: 

How Boys’ Bodies Grow During Puberty

How Girls’ Bodies Grow During Puberty