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Nursery & Pre-School News 2019-2020

See lots more photos of our exciting adventures in our class photo gallery just click here

Sport Relief Challenge

The children enjoyed competing their assault course for Sports Relief.


This week the Discoverers group have been looking at flying dinosaurs.  We have been concentrating on the book Super Swooper Dinosaur, listening carefully and answering simple questions.  We have created our own flying dinosaurs from junk modelling materials and comparing groups of dinosaur eggs, using language of quantities.  The children have really enjoyed having their mummy’s, daddy’s and grandparents come in to the setting for stay and play to join in all of our activities.


This week we have read the book ‘Veggies Assemble’.  The children have been looking at fruit and vegetables and discussing which ones grow above and below the ground.  The children have been using vegetables for weighing and have been using mathematical language such as heaviest, lightest, more, less.  We have made ‘Evil Pea’ using different media and exploring texture.  We will also be writing our names.  Preschool children celebrated World Book by dressing up as jungle animals.  They Year 6 children came to read stories to the preschool children, they really enjoyed this.


This week the Discoverers Group have been concentrating on herbivores and carnivores, talking about their different features, what they eat and then grouping them.  We have talked about vegetarians and meat eaters and created our own salad and meat filled sandwiches .  The children have also enjoyed looking at Dinosaur silhouettes and making themselves look like dinosaurs too.  World Book Day was also a great success when we dressed up as jungle animals and the older children in the school came to read books to us.


This week the Explorers have been singing and talking about the nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill’ They have been practicing walking up and down the stairs whilst singing this familiar nursery rhyme to encourage them. They have also been making hills from playdough using the small world figures to represent Jack and Jill walking up and down. The children had lot’s of fun dressing up as various animals for World Book Day too.


Today when the children arrived at preschool they walked into their room to find that something or someone had made a big mess!!!!!!  The children noticed a large parcel had been delivered along with a letter.  The letter was sent by the police.  The police were asking for the children to help them with their enquiries.  They sent uniforms, note pads and magnifying glasses for the children to find clues.  The children walked around the school looking for green splodges.  They had to write down the location of the splodges and talk to staff to see if they could work out what/whom had made the mess.

Find out tomorrow to see if the children have worked out what/whom have created such a mess.

Today the children came into the preschool room to find vegetables taped to the floor.  The children looked shocked.  We sat on the carpet to see if we could think who might of done this.  Whist we were discussing this a member of staff shouted ‘Oh Look’ the children came over to look, footprints had been left in the flour.  The children thought and thought and then remembered that Mrs Evans had been in the room earlier, they needed to go and use their investigation skills and ask her lots of questions.  The children went to her office and asked the following questions

  1. Are you good at keeping secrets? Mrs Evans answered Yes
  2. Did you leave green spots around school? Mrs Evans Answered No
  3. Did you tape down the vegetables? Mrs Evans answered No
  4. What time did you visit pre-school? Mrs Evans answered 12.20
  5. Can you show us your hands. Mrs Evans showed the children her hands, they were a little green.

The children asked if they could draw around her foot to see if her foot what the same size as the prints in the flour.  The children came down to preschool room and compare the sizes of the footprint on paper and the footprint in the flour.  They did not match.  The children still don’t know who has left all the mess.


The children came in to school today to find more green splodges, this time they were in the kitchen.  They started at the back door, went over the ceiling and around the fridge.  The children followed the splodges, they led to the chiller in the hall.  One of the children opened the chiller door.  Oh no hundreds of peas fell out all over the floor.  The children started to ask who could be creating all this mischief.  The children helped to clean up the peas so that it wasn’t dangerous for other people.  After cleaning up the mess the children went back to preschool room.  There was lots of chatter about who was doing this.  Some children thought it might still be Mrs Evans.  The children then sat and listened to the ‘Supatato’.  As they listened they soon realised that Evil Pea has been the one making all the mess over the school.

Lets hope that’s the end to all this mischief!!!!!!!!!!


Today the children have been looking in detail at the differences between 2 large land snails and garden snails. Together we discussed the differences between the shells, sizes and what they eat. Some of us liked them some of us did not!!!!


Please find attached the photographs for the school website from the Explorers room. This week the Explorers have been talking about and using their senses. They have been building Mr Potato Head, attaching his eyes, nose, ears and hands, discussing what these are used for and have been listening to and mimicking various animal sounds. They have also been sharing the story ‘Peace At Last’, observing the various sound effects in the book and they finished the week off by making Valentines cards for the special people in their lives.


This week the Discoverers group have been exploring their sense of sight.  We have been creating our very own magnifying glasses in different shapes and looking for those shapes in books and the surrounding environment.  We have been exploring the dark tent and torches and understanding why we may need torches to see in the dark and we have also created our own opticians shop in the role play area.  What a busy week we have had.


This week we have been reading the story ‘Room on the Broom’, we have been listening for rhyming words in the story.  Part of our activities this week was to talk and discuss as a group where we thought a witch might live.  We talked about what the witches home would look like and what items she may have there.  The children decided the witch would live in a cave and they sorted materials in to dark and light colours.  We used the dark coloured material to make a cave. The preschool children have also been exploring mixing colours to make potions.  During their play they have learnt that blue, yellow and red are primary colours and if we mix two of these colours together we will make a new colour.  The children have made lots of different potions for example love potions, unicorn potions, vampire potions.  Children used the love potion on practitioners and each other, this followed with a pretend wedding, throwing confetti and raising a class of milk to the Happy Couple.’ What a lot of imagination and fun our children have demonstrated this week.


This week in the Explorers room we have been using our different senses to explore various activities. The children have been creating pictures using coloured ice and have been listening to each other’s voices through the ‘Talking Tubes’. They have also been searching for and sorting colourful bears in shaving foam.


This week the children in the Discoverers room have been experimenting with their sense of touch.  They have been exploring jelly with their hands, trying to guess what objects are hidden inside and describing the texture of them.  Also they have been using their feet to walk through different textures, such as rice, pasta, sand paper and tin foil.  In our outdoor learning, they have been exploring the texture of mud and other environmental resources to create faces on the trees.


This week the Explorers have been looking for signs of Winter. We have been on a Winter walk, searching for sticks and twigs to create a ‘Winter tree’ picture and we have also been using sticks to listen to different sounds around the outdoors. The children have also been encouraged to dress themselves for the Winter weather.


This week the children have been learning about Chinese New Year, they have learnt that it is the Year of the rat.  We had a visit from a parent who talked to the children about Chinese New Year and the Dragons.  The children learnt about lucky red envelopes and had an opportunity to use giant tweezers to pick up money and put into  a lucky red envelope.  The children have also continued rhyming activities through the story of The Gruffalo.  They have been playing a rhyming snap and made Gruffalo crumble. The children have painted lovely pictures of gruffalos.  Preschool has also been learning the letter sounds ‘t’.

Discoverers & Explores - Celebrating Chinese New Year

This week the Discoverers and the Explorers have been talking about the celebration of Chinese New Year. They have participated in some Chinese food tasting in our Chinese restaurant and have been counting and sorting coins into envelopes. The children have also shared a book about Chinese New Year’s traditions and customs.


This week Explorers have been learning about penguins and other winter animals.  They have singing ‘I’m a little penguin’ and learning new actions.  The children have also been creating their very own penguins using various shapes.


Continuing with our theme on emotions the Discoverers group have been considering each other’s feelings.  We have been waiting our turn to use the balloon pump, blowing up balloons and drawing expressions on them.  We have also been using the emotion snap cards to notice changes in quantity when something is added or taken away.


This term we are learning about rhyming words. This week we will be reading the story ‘Cave Baby’.  The children have  drawing  and writing on the walls of our cave.  We have also be going outside to find natural materials to create our own paint brushes.  It has been very muddy and we have had to wait for all the leaves and twigs to try out. We have also been  concentrating on our pencil control by following zigzag lines on animals as in the story ‘Cave Baby’.  The children have learnt the sound ‘a’ and been learning a new song all about ants.  We have been so busy having fun.


Explorers would like to wish all a Happy New Year.  This week the children have been talking about winter.  They have been sorting socks into pairs, developing an awareness of number and categorising.  They have also been creating snowflakes using glitter and sequins ready for a new display.


Welcome back and Happy New Year.  This week Discoverers group have been talking about their feelings and emotions.  We have been looking at our own expressions, recreating them in shaving foam and discussing why we feel that way.  We have also been using emotions snap cards to play a pairs game and we have been practising climbing the stairs sagely.


Welcome back and Happy New Year.  This week we have been reading the story ‘Ding Dong Bag’.  This is a story about two boys who make lots of different noises and collect them all in a bag so that they can release all the noises all at once and make such a din.  We listened to the story and then went outdoors, they children used sticks to bang the different surfaces they could find and listen to the different sounds.  The children then recorded the sounds and listened to them once they got back inside.  Preschool have also been using their imagination to create robots out of empty boxes.  The children have created some fantastic robots.  We have also bee learning the sounds ‘s’ and using large paint brushed to write the letter.

Christmas Party

The children have had a lovely time at the Christmas party.  They have seen Freddie Fantastic and met Father Christmas.

Nursery & Pre-School Nativity


This week throughout the nursery, we have been learning how to cross the road safely.  We have been using the traffic lights and the remote control cars to demonstrate how we stop at zebra/Pelican crossings, taking notice of the red and green men.  The children have also been practising their singing and dancing for our up and coming nativity play.


This week Pre-school have been reading the story Simon Sock for Anti-bullying week, discussing how different people can still be friends. Whilst reading the story we have been discussing the way stories are structured e.g beginning, middle and an end and the settings that appear in different books. The children have been using different settings to make up their own individual story.  The children have been matching numeral to quantity using socks and a washing line.  We also had a visit from Megan Louise who sang some songs with us.


This week in Explorers we have been concentrating on Remembrance and Children In Need. The children have been planting poppy seeds and painting poppy shapes. They have also been doing some Pudsey colouring and decorating spotty biscuits!


This week the Discoverers group have been concentrating on prepositions.  We have been playing a game with Mr Tig Tog and hiding him in different places within the room, for example under, behind, on or inside different pieces of furniture.   The children have also been creating a picture using laminated items and putting them on, under or at the side of the table.


This week the Explorers Group have been talking about animals that hibernate and they have been on a Autumn walk searching for them.  They have also enjoyed a cookery session where they made their own hedgehogs using bread rolls, cream cheese and twiglets.


This week the Discoverers Group have been talking about Harvest time.  We created a small world farm with real vegetables to count as we harvested them and we also created some wonderful pictures using vegetable prints.


This week the Explorers have been talking about Autumn. They have been creating marbled leaves using a shaving foam and paint mixture and they have been pretending to be animals inside a den. They have also been practising their physical skills on the soft play blocks and climbing structure in the hall.


This week the Discoverers Group have been talking about animals that hibernate and why they go to sleep over the winter.  The children have created their own tree using junk modelling materials and enjoyed playing with the small world animals.  They have created their own hedgehogs using playdough, pretended to hibernate themselves, in our own den and used the talking tubes to mimic animal sounds.

Stay & Play


This week Mummies and Daddies have been to play. We have also been concentrating on emotions, where the children have been creating their own emotion using a variety of media onto a face and then acting it out with their friends.


During Stay and Play the Explorers enjoyed building their homes with boxes and other recycled materials. They also had fun playing in the sand and doing lots of mark making.


This week mummy’s and daddy’s have come in to nursery to play and the Discoverers Group have been on an environmental listening walk using our special listening ears.  We have also been collecting fir cones, leaves, conkers and twigs to create our own colourful autumn pictures with them.

Pre-School(Adventurers) - Maths

The children have been using mathematical language as they play with the small world people and talk about how many people live in each house.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - European Language Day

This week we have been celebrating European Language Day.  We have been looking at Italy.  The children have used a map to find Italy and we have discussed what things we can find there.  Staff have shown the children a small video about the Sistine chapel and spoke about Michael Angelo who painted the beautiful ceiling.  The children then lay on the floor and started to make drawings of their own under table so they could experience how he may have painted the ceilings.

Next the children made masks from lots of different media as we danced to Italian music and had a Venetian Masquerade ball.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Writing in Sand

This week this children have been practising writing their name in the sand.

Nursery (Explorers) - Family Groups

This week we have been talking about our families. The children have been using the Compare Bears to sort them into ‘family groups’ and have been engaging in some pretend play in our home corner. The children have also enjoyed listening to stories about different families and particularly enjoyed ‘Peace At Last’ about a family of bears.

Nursery (Discoverers) - Homes

The children in the Discoverers room have been talking about their own homes and where they live.  They have enjoyed creating models of their own homes using junk modelling materials, looking at shapes and language of size.  The children have also enjoyed looking at the Three Little Pigs book.

Nursery (Explorers & Discoverers) settling in well.

Both Explorers and Discoverers Room have settled well in to their new rooms, the children have been concentrating on All About Me.  We have been painting and drawing self portraits and members of our own family.  We have been looking at familiar stories for example “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and playing listening games with Mr Tig Tog.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Shapes Around Us

We have been playing with shapes in preschool and have been looking around our environment to see how many different shapes we can find.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Fruit Shapes

The children have been using their skills to cut up the fruit and make a face using all the different shapes.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Building Structures

What fantastic building we have.  The children have made many excited structures as they begin their journey in preschool.

Pre-School (Adventurers) settling in well!

As we start a new school year the children have settled in very quickly.  We have been learning how unique we are.  We have been looking into the mirror and discussing our features in detail, next the children painted their own portrait.  I think we have some budding artists.