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Nursery & Pre-School News



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Settling into Nursery

The children in Nursery have begun to settle in to the setting well.  They have been very busy meeting their new friends and practitioners and getting involved in playing games and activities.  They have enjoyed using the nursery rhyme box to pick out props and sing the appropriate nursery rhyme, we have been looking at books together, learning to climb, balance and jump on the climbing equipment, playing “all about me” games in the forest area and getting very messy making playdough, gloop and flour paint.  What a great start we have had to the new term

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Settling into Pre-School

The Pre-School staff would like to say a welcome back.  Over the last few weeks the children have been getting to know their new environment and staff.  Here are a few photographs of the things we have been getting up to.  The children have been drawing on large paper to music using fast and slow actions, they have been navigating their way around large equipment and working on new ways of moving.  We have been dancing, learning new rhymes and searching for shapes.  We have had a few busy weeks and the children are much more settled. 

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