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Nursery & Pre-School News

See lots more photos of our exciting adventures in our class photo gallery just click here


This week Pre-school have been reading the story Simon Sock for Anti-bullying week, discussing how different people can still be friends. Whilst reading the story we have been discussing the way stories are structured e.g beginning, middle and an end and the settings that appear in different books. The children have been using different settings to make up their own individual story.  The children have been matching numeral to quantity using socks and a washing line.  We also had a visit from Megan Louise who sang some songs with us.


This week in Explorers we have been concentrating on Remembrance and Children In Need. The children have been planting poppy seeds and painting poppy shapes. They have also been doing some Pudsey colouring and decorating spotty biscuits!


This week the Discoverers group have been concentrating on prepositions.  We have been playing a game with Mr Tig Tog and hiding him in different places within the room, for example under, behind, on or inside different pieces of furniture.   The children have also been creating a picture using laminated items and putting them on, under or at the side of the table.


This week the Explorers Group have been talking about animals that hibernate and they have been on a Autumn walk searching for them.  They have also enjoyed a cookery session where they made their own hedgehogs using bread rolls, cream cheese and twiglets.


This week the Discoverers Group have been talking about Harvest time.  We created a small world farm with real vegetables to count as we harvested them and we also created some wonderful pictures using vegetable prints.


This week the Explorers have been talking about Autumn. They have been creating marbled leaves using a shaving foam and paint mixture and they have been pretending to be animals inside a den. They have also been practising their physical skills on the soft play blocks and climbing structure in the hall.


This week the Discoverers Group have been talking about animals that hibernate and why they go to sleep over the winter.  The children have created their own tree using junk modelling materials and enjoyed playing with the small world animals.  They have created their own hedgehogs using playdough, pretended to hibernate themselves, in our own den and used the talking tubes to mimic animal sounds.

Stay & Play


This week Mummies and Daddies have been to play. We have also been concentrating on emotions, where the children have been creating their own emotion using a variety of media onto a face and then acting it out with their friends.


During Stay and Play the Explorers enjoyed building their homes with boxes and other recycled materials. They also had fun playing in the sand and doing lots of mark making.


This week mummy’s and daddy’s have come in to nursery to play and the Discoverers Group have been on an environmental listening walk using our special listening ears.  We have also been collecting fir cones, leaves, conkers and twigs to create our own colourful autumn pictures with them.

Pre-School(Adventurers) - Maths

The children have been using mathematical language as they play with the small world people and talk about how many people live in each house.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - European Language Day

This week we have been celebrating European Language Day.  We have been looking at Italy.  The children have used a map to find Italy and we have discussed what things we can find there.  Staff have shown the children a small video about the Sistine chapel and spoke about Michael Angelo who painted the beautiful ceiling.  The children then lay on the floor and started to make drawings of their own under table so they could experience how he may have painted the ceilings.

Next the children made masks from lots of different media as we danced to Italian music and had a Venetian Masquerade ball.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Writing in Sand

This week this children have been practising writing their name in the sand.

Nursery (Explorers) - Family Groups

This week we have been talking about our families. The children have been using the Compare Bears to sort them into ‘family groups’ and have been engaging in some pretend play in our home corner. The children have also enjoyed listening to stories about different families and particularly enjoyed ‘Peace At Last’ about a family of bears.

Nursery (Discoverers) - Homes

The children in the Discoverers room have been talking about their own homes and where they live.  They have enjoyed creating models of their own homes using junk modelling materials, looking at shapes and language of size.  The children have also enjoyed looking at the Three Little Pigs book.

Nursery (Explorers & Discoverers) settling in well.

Both Explorers and Discoverers Room have settled well in to their new rooms, the children have been concentrating on All About Me.  We have been painting and drawing self portraits and members of our own family.  We have been looking at familiar stories for example “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and playing listening games with Mr Tig Tog.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Shapes Around Us

We have been playing with shapes in preschool and have been looking around our environment to see how many different shapes we can find.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Fruit Shapes

The children have been using their skills to cut up the fruit and make a face using all the different shapes.

Pre-School (Adventurers) - Building Structures

What fantastic building we have.  The children have made many excited structures as they begin their journey in preschool.

Pre-School (Adventurers) settling in well!

As we start a new school year the children have settled in very quickly.  We have been learning how unique we are.  We have been looking into the mirror and discussing our features in detail, next the children painted their own portrait.  I think we have some budding artists.