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Healthy Eating Week

Super Veg!

A whole-school approach to food goes beyond teaching in the classroom and lunch-time. A good school food culture helps children develop healthy eating habits so they can live healthier, longer lives.
We are very proud of the range and quality of food we offer at school and our kitchen staff work incredibly hard to provide nutritious, balanced meals every day for all our children and staff. The lunchtime supervising staff encourage children to try and range of foods which they may never have tasted before and make use of the extensive salad bar to accompany their meal.

During healthy eating week, Mrs McGregor, the schools PHSCEE coordinator, got all the staff and children involved in this promotion and classes kept food diaries, created posters and songs all about the food they were eating. Mrs Probert and her team in the kitchens created the "Super Veg" which you can see in the photos.