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Golden Lunchtimes at Avalon!

Competition winners announced as part of 'Golden Lunchtimes' initiative.

The children were introduced to the  'Golden Lunchtime Guidelines' last week, in a special assembly with the School Council and the Catering team. This is part of a project to encourage everybody to enjoy lunchtimes by using excellent manners and behaviour. The children are reminded by five special 'Thank you' guidelines:

Thank you for:

  • Lining up calmly and quietly
  • Being polite to others
  • Using good table manners
  • Trying new foods and not wasting food
  • Cleaning up after yourself

The children were invited to take part in a poster competition to design a character or logo to be presented alongside these five Golden Guidelines. Photographed above is  proud winner BW in Year 2 and runner up HB in Year 5. Thank you and well done to everyone who entered. The winning design will be displayed in the dining hall to encourage everyone to enjoy positive lunchtime behaviour.

Each week children will be put forward who often try new foods, show excellent table manners, use a knife and fork consistently, regularly leave the floor and their table tidy and play sensibly at lunchtime with their friends. They will be invited, along with a friend, to enjoy a lunchtime sitting at the 'Golden Table' which is laiden with a golden tablecloth, chair covers, fresh flowers, special cups and plates along with some other little treats!