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Diwali Day

Diwali Day at Avalon School

Staff and pupils spent a most enjoyable day busy learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We shared the Diwali story and activities included cooking, dancing, listening to music and lots of make and do such as moulding and decorating clay divas, creating model fireworks and drawing mendhi and rangoli patterns.

At lunchtime, the catering team provided some traditional Indian food such as curry, chilli partoa, naan breads, mango chutneys and pickles. 

We ended the day with a sharing assembly to talk about what we had learned and to watch the children perform the dances they had created during the day! 

With her class, Miss Tweed made coconut ice, made with condensed milk coconut and sugar. They were delicious! Year 2 performed a special Diwali dance they had learned -  much to the delight of everyone watching. Nursery and Reception children joined in the fun with a special poem and stick dance they had learned.

It was a very worthwhile day and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about this important festival.