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Reception - Welcome to the Jungle!

Reception class have transformed their classroom into a jungle and created animals such as stripy zebras and spotty cheetahs!

The Reception children are loving their new learning environment this week, our role-play area has transformed into a Rainforest where the children have been exploring with binoculars, clip boards, back packs and of course lots of animals! In the construction area, the children have been building a Zoo and investigating a small-world jungle in the sensory area with lots of natural resources and animals too! In the creative area, the children have focused on creating animal patterns such as a ‘stripy zebra’ or ‘spotty cheetah’ etc. as well as creating a lion’s face and mane using paper plates and coloured cotton wool balls. During outdoor learning time, the children will be listening to some African music, exploring various instruments and doing some African dancing with coloured scarves! Our Fine motor activity will involve threading animal masks with string and to develop our gross motor skills, we will be venturing into the jungle and using our bodies to move in different ways such as fast like a cheetah or slow like a sloth!