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Supporting Comic Relief with Modern Art!

Following an idea from his Granddaughter, Charlotte in Y5, one of our Avalon Grandparents decided to do something very novel for Comic relief...

Charlotte had the idea to nail her Grandfather's old worn out Marks & Spencer’s slippers to a well weathered piece of fence panel and declares them...a piece of Modern Art. This piece of very precious modern art will be auctioned on ebay to raise funds for the charity, Comic Relief.

Here is the description:

This display is truly unique; it could comfortably rest alongside Tracey Emin’s unmade bed, identifying the buyer as a true appreciator of modern art...well, after all, art is very subjective!

Remember, ALL proceeds will go to Comic Relief and Granddad will post them free within UK. You can find the link to bid for this piece of modern art by searching ebay for Granddad's slippers. Well done Charlotte and her Granddad for such an original idea and for such a good cause!